Video Services

Video Depositions
Ace Reporters Inc. provides “smart deposition” technology, including touch screen monitor for the deponent to draw on any digital document provided. Also we can provide a picture-in-picture split screen mix. And all of this will be captured on the video, as well. The video can be shot in HD if requested.

Video Playbacks
Upon playback, our videographers can redact and edit videos at any time.

Synching/Post Production
We can sync the video (in MPEG format) with the transcript. This allows our clients to use their laptops to click anywhere in the transcript and automatically have the video cued to that exact spot in the transcript. With this feature, the jury can read along as well. We can also sync short video clips if needed. Also, editing out objections is simple. We can present the video clips to the jury, or prepare the clips in Power Point or any trial software for self-presentation.

All videos are stored on a secure server and we can send a download link to our clients to stream the videos or to download directly to a PC or Mac.

Based in Haddonfield and Philadelphia, Ace Reporters, Inc. provides service in Eastern Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, New Jersey, Delaware, and New York, with affiliates nationwide.

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