You can trust your legal audio files will be handled with the utmost care. We treat all transcription files with confidentiality. We will quickly and accurately turn your audio files to text in a transcript form, available in hard copy and digital copy.
Ace Reporters, Inc. has experienced transcriptionists on staff available at all times, all of which possess excellent knowledge in English grammar, legal terminology and medical terminology. Our in-house skilled and quality proofreaders verify the transcribed records to ensure the final product maintains exceptional accuracy.


Insurance companies and claims adjusters can also rely on Ace Reporters, Inc. for transcribing recorded statements and other reports. Our transcription process can not only save insurance companies money, but we can also save precious time with any delivery time option at all. Same day is not a problem for our transcriptionists. This could include accident reports, statements, claims summary, eye witness accounts, recorded interviews, investigation notes, et cetera.


We have transcribed speeches for many politicians who like to keep a record of their political appearances, including a past President of the United States.

Based in Haddonfield and Philadelphia, Ace Reporters, Inc. provides service in Eastern Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, New Jersey, Delaware, and New York, with affiliates nationwide.

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