Job Description: Court Reporter

Job Summary

About Ace Reporters, Inc.:

All court reporters working with Ace Reporters, Inc. are responsible for the verbatim reporting of any and all assigned proceedings. Stellar representation of the agency, beginning out in the field all the way through to the final produced transcript, is extremely important and mandatory.

While Ace Reporters, Inc. is very serious about our professional demeanor and perfect work product, we are a fair, flexible, opportunity-driven company.  We strive to see all of our court reporters happy and satisfied in their chosen career.

We like our reporters to not only enjoy their job, but to also be energetic, optimistic and professional while handling interactions with our valued clients on a daily basis.

Please email us at and attach a resume for review.

Based in Haddonfield and Philadelphia, Ace Reporters, Inc. provides service in Eastern Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, New Jersey, Delaware, and New York, with affiliates nationwide.

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