About Us

After 17 years in business, Ace Reporters, Inc. has gained industry-wide respect because of its unique ability to afford superior customer service and personalized attention to each of its clients… from initial point of contact to the completion of service.

Upon scheduling with Ace Reporters, Inc., we provide our professional guarantee that all services rendered will be handled expertly and professionally. From our full-time fastidious office staff to our reporters’ diverse backgrounds and experience, we ensure excellence from the internal operations to the point of service in the field.

All transcripts are prepared and inspected before delivery with the utmost care. What is important to you in a transcript is also what is important to us here at Ace Reporters, Inc… accuracy and turnaround are paramount.

Our dedicated office staff takes the time to give personalized attention to each and every client and they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to all client requests. It’s this very attention that we find keeps our clients returning deposition after deposition.

Based in Haddonfield and Philadelphia, Ace Reporters, Inc. provides service in Eastern Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, New Jersey, Delaware, and New York, with affiliates nationwide.

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